New Releases at Dark Roast Press

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I’m back! sorry for the long break between posts, school has been intense in our schedule this semester and adding some new eBook covers into the mix…well you can imagine how busy I’ve been.

Dark Roast Press has released four new books to their library, and I’m pleased to say I created covers to two of them. πŸ˜€

First is Rysykk’s Remedy by J.C. Natal

The sequel to the award-winning “Rysykk’s Rise” finds Alarin, former Bottomside skid and hereditary Delegate in Washington-America, in a race to secure his position and his legacy while keeping secrets bred in the dark from toppling him.

As Alarin struggles to find a mate and consolidate his power, his mentor and lover, the powerful and mysterious Maleus Bryant, fights his own battles against new dangers and unseen foes. Strange disappearances and agonizing deaths are the clues that lead them from Washington to San Francisco, from the dank shadows of Bottomside to the glittering heights of society’s elite. Chemical genocide masquerading as a cure and treachery from within are only the beginning of their fight to survive.

Page count: TBA

you can purchase the book Here at Dark Roast

The second cover is Crimson Dawn: Double Vision, Double Minded by Myristica

“The Dimenlien Chronicles” continue…

Page Count – TBA

you can purchase the book Here at Dark Roast


Back at school…

•February 21, 2010 • 3 Comments

School year has started again here in Australia, and the new year is proving to be as busy as the last. We already have three self directed projects to undertake and just one semester to complete them. Sounds like plenty of time right? Yeaah I hope so πŸ˜€ I’m already wondering if I’ll complete them in time.

I plan on uploading some of the art that I have created for my schoolwork and art that I have painted for other people, but that might just have to wait until I can get more professional photo’s of them to show them to their best advantage.

I can leave you with my proudest moment to date though…a photo of when I was allowed to present my paintings to Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles at the 2009 Sydney All Hell Breaks Loose convention. That was the most fantastic and yet nerve wracking moment of my life.

I’m going back!

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Well, I’m going back to art school next week, HOORAY! lol The only catch is that at the moment my digital classes have been canceled due to ‘lack of interest’. Lack of interest? Why? I don’t understand it, digital art is so prevalent now (look at Avatar!) and yet my art school didn’t get the numbers to run the class.

But there is a chance I might be able to sit in with another class and do my own digital work so… *crosses fingers*

This year will be more focused towards self directed tasks which makes me insanely happy. I really hate being dictated to about what I should create, which I guess is kind of weird in a way, because as a cover artist I’m directed towards the way a cover should look by what the author/publisher wants but it really seems to bug me in art class, and not so much in creating covers. I don’t know… maybe I’m just nuts LOL.

Up and Running at LAST!!

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Whew, at last I think I’m finally done πŸ˜€ I’ve uploaded the covers I’ve created, (and if you click on the titles at the right) you can go to the page, view the cover and a little about how it was made. You can also read a blurb on the story, and I’ve included at link to the Dark Roast Press store to make it easier to buy.

Come in and poke around πŸ˜€ I promise I wont bite πŸ˜€

Still under construction… but not a total trainwreck

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Please bear with me over the next few days as I continue to add the covers I’ve made to the parent page ‘Covers for Dark Roast’.Β  This all new to me here, but in a few days (or if I can be really industrious with kids at home) maybe tomorrow? LOL it should be a little more complete and hopefully more interesting than now πŸ˜€

I have a question to anyone who may come across this little corner of insanity that is my home, and that is ‘What would you like to see on a site like mine?’

Would you like to see rough drafts of the covers and how if any they have changed? Or would you like others to come and play and show off their work too?

Are there questions you would like answered? or are there things you would like me to ask others ?

Feel free to drop me any questions/ideas in the comments πŸ˜€

Welcome to one and all…

•January 18, 2010 • 1 Comment

Hi, all.

After thinking this over for the longest time, I’ve decided to give in,Β  bite the proverbial bullet and create my own blog. This, I hope will be a place for everyone to feel welcome, to come and have a chat, or just to ogle the artwork I create.

To give you a little about myself, I’m an art student that has finally gone back to study my first true love. Art. From there I seem to have fallen into the wonderful world of creating eBook covers for Dark Roast Press thanks to my friend Jesse Fox. Jesse has been privy to my earliest foray’s into digital art, and has been there to spork the *crazy* of my very first creations. She encouraged me, seeing ‘something there’ and gave me the balls to keep at it.

The reason I guess, was that I was one of the people responsible for sporking her butt into getting her first eBook published. It was a little payback and a whole lot of friendship that she did the same for me. For those that may not know Dark Roast Press is:Β  ‘an ePublisher with not only a GLBT focus but also with a thirst for the dark side of life. No, we will not abandon the “mainstream” road that the Erotica world has laid before us, but we have created a home for the kinks of life we like to keep secret. Our goal is to create a company that has much to offer; a little bit of everything to please anyone.’

So now it’s time for all of you to feel free to spork the crazy that is my muse. Come and sit, feel free to poke around and look at the covers I have created, and take a walk on over to Dark Roast Press and check out their stable of authors and their wonderful stories.