Still under construction… but not a total trainwreck

Please bear with me over the next few days as I continue to add the covers I’ve made to the parent page ‘Covers for Dark Roast’.  This all new to me here, but in a few days (or if I can be really industrious with kids at home) maybe tomorrow? LOL it should be a little more complete and hopefully more interesting than now 😀

I have a question to anyone who may come across this little corner of insanity that is my home, and that is ‘What would you like to see on a site like mine?’

Would you like to see rough drafts of the covers and how if any they have changed? Or would you like others to come and play and show off their work too?

Are there questions you would like answered? or are there things you would like me to ask others ?

Feel free to drop me any questions/ideas in the comments 😀


~ by juanitacampbell67 on January 18, 2010.

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