Welcome to one and all…

Hi, all.

After thinking this over for the longest time, I’ve decided to give in,  bite the proverbial bullet and create my own blog. This, I hope will be a place for everyone to feel welcome, to come and have a chat, or just to ogle the artwork I create.

To give you a little about myself, I’m an art student that has finally gone back to study my first true love. Art. From there I seem to have fallen into the wonderful world of creating eBook covers for Dark Roast Press thanks to my friend Jesse Fox. Jesse has been privy to my earliest foray’s into digital art, and has been there to spork the *crazy* of my very first creations. She encouraged me, seeing ‘something there’ and gave me the balls to keep at it.

The reason I guess, was that I was one of the people responsible for sporking her butt into getting her first eBook published. It was a little payback and a whole lot of friendship that she did the same for me. For those that may not know Dark Roast Press is:  ‘an ePublisher with not only a GLBT focus but also with a thirst for the dark side of life. No, we will not abandon the “mainstream” road that the Erotica world has laid before us, but we have created a home for the kinks of life we like to keep secret. Our goal is to create a company that has much to offer; a little bit of everything to please anyone.’

So now it’s time for all of you to feel free to spork the crazy that is my muse. Come and sit, feel free to poke around and look at the covers I have created, and take a walk on over to Dark Roast Press and check out their stable of authors and their wonderful stories.


~ by juanitacampbell67 on January 18, 2010.

One Response to “Welcome to one and all…”

  1. Okay, doodles you know what I think already. I’m a pushy bitch and always share my opinions. LOL

    *hugs & chocolate kisses*

    The Sneaky Fox…

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