New Releases at Dark Roast Press

I’m back! sorry for the long break between posts, school has been intense in our schedule this semester and adding some new eBook covers into the mix…well you can imagine how busy I’ve been.

Dark Roast Press has released four new books to their library, and I’m pleased to say I created covers to two of them. 😀

First is Rysykk’s Remedy by J.C. Natal

The sequel to the award-winning “Rysykk’s Rise” finds Alarin, former Bottomside skid and hereditary Delegate in Washington-America, in a race to secure his position and his legacy while keeping secrets bred in the dark from toppling him.

As Alarin struggles to find a mate and consolidate his power, his mentor and lover, the powerful and mysterious Maleus Bryant, fights his own battles against new dangers and unseen foes. Strange disappearances and agonizing deaths are the clues that lead them from Washington to San Francisco, from the dank shadows of Bottomside to the glittering heights of society’s elite. Chemical genocide masquerading as a cure and treachery from within are only the beginning of their fight to survive.

Page count: TBA

you can purchase the book Here at Dark Roast

The second cover is Crimson Dawn: Double Vision, Double Minded by Myristica

“The Dimenlien Chronicles” continue…

Page Count – TBA

you can purchase the book Here at Dark Roast


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