Covers for Dark Roast Press

Hey there,  😀

this is the place where you can hang out and  find the covers I have made for the authors over at Dark Roast. By clicking on the title of a book, you will be able to see the cover created, a little about the book and a link for where you can purchase the book if it peaks your interest.

If you would like a cover created for an eBook you can contact me at

In general when I’m asked to create a cover I get as much information from the author as to what they have in mind, if they have any particular color scheme, image or idea , and then take the information and use it to create the cover. All pretty standard stuff. I try to keep the story in mind and not let the cover lay it all bare, but  to hint, tease or allude to some of the storyline.

Whether it’s just the way I work or my hated of  ‘busy’ images, I try to keep covers clean and simple. If an author wants busy, then maybe I’m not the person for them. I can do ‘busy’ if they insist, but I really want the cover to complement the story it promotes, not overwhelm people with information that is better discovered within the pages of the story.

So there you have it, a little on how I work and what I look for in making a cover. I hope you’ll enjoy what you see, so feel free to poke around and leave feedback. I promise I wont bite 😀



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