GemInI Souls

image© Juanita Campbell and Dark Roast Press

Myristica sent me this image for the cover and I loved it right away. It was mysterious and expressive and make you look. I think that you need that sort of quality in an image that is a little away from the norm. It makes it unique? I guess… LOL

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“The Dimenlien Chronicles” continues…

Past and present converge in this story of two mages, Razeal and Sevrin, who live out forbidden love and find that no matter where they escape to, or how many centuries they have remained hidden on Earth, they cannot escape forever the creature that wants Sevrin dead.

In this first installment: Razeal and Sevrin must remember what happened to them over five hundred years ago on another world in order to understand a threat that has found them on present day Earth.

(Guest appearance by Hampton from “Crimson Dawn”.)

Page Count – 249

You can purchase GemInI Souls Here at Dark Roast Press


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