In Service

image © Juanita Campbell and Dark Roast Press

J.C.Natal is another author I had known of before joining the Dark Roast Team so was happy to be asked to do a cover for her story ‘In Service’. I loved the story, and had a fair idea of what I was going to aim for with the cover.

The dark color and Image give an overall feel for the story inside, but to leave it there would be an injustice to the story. For although there is a stark and confronting vibe from the cover, the story is much more complex. The cage lets you speculate who or what may inhabit it, and why they are there… There are no answers posed on the cover, only questions. Ok that may seem a little like I’m full of crap, but when I make a cover I’d like to think people might wonder why such an image was chosen…more than just admiring the pretty 😀 But then sometimes a rock is just a rock and there is no other meaning…

Here is a quick blurb about the story:

In a modern world where rampant disease and prostitution has been dealt with through institutionalizing the sex business, and where American nobility, Lords and Ladies, hold significant power, Lord Elias Doherty is a man who has always had everything he ever wanted. Spoiled and arrogant, Elias thinks only of his upcoming twenty-fifth birthday and his only desired gift, a Servant of his very own.

When he spots Jared Karan, he knows exactly what he wants, but Jared is owned by another, a powerful British Lord with a reputation as a ruthless and unforgiving man, in business and in personal matters.

Elias gets what he wants through his father’s political and business maneuvering, and Jared is his. But Lord Stuart isn’t content with his defeat, and he uses his own power and influence to give Elias a gift, one that on the surface seems legitimate, but hides a very dark secret.

With a powerful enemy and a political climate that is more than a little volatile, falling in love with Jared could lead them both to destruction.

Page Count – 515

you can purchase the book Here at Dark Roast


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