Soul Storm ~passions chill~ Part2

image©Juanita Campbell and Dark Roast Press

Again Myristica and I had a few images that she’d found to choose from and this one came out the clear winner. Again the color was sampled from the image, and designed to match the first part of the series.

Page Count – 248

From “The Harp & Sword Chronicles”…

With his beloved Prince Stephen facing certain execution, Thaddeus must find a means to exonerate him in the eyes of the people and the Dolens. There is only one way: a fight to the death with the one who accused Stephen of treason – Lieutenant Riqka. However, it will require of him something he is unable to give – faith in the Gods for deliverance, for without their blessing there is no way to win, not even with his cursed Rage.

But it is unclear where the Gods stand regarding Stephen of Murgatara. Signs indicate they want Stephen dead, but also indicate they want him alive. Unable to put his trust in the suspiciously indecisive Gods, Thaddeus turns his back on them, relying instead on his skills as a warrior, and in his love for Stephen, for the victory. But by turning his back on the Gods, will he only succeed in sentencing both himself and Stephen to death?

you can purchase the book Here at Dark Roast Press


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