Soul Storm ~the connecting flame~ Part1

image © Juanita Campbell and Dark Roast Press

Myristica sent me few images that she’d chosen as front runners for the cover and after looking them over we both agreed on this image. I sampled the color for the text from the image itself, and it matched so much better that I thought it was going to.

Page Count – 227

A little about Soul Storm: The connecting flame

From “The Harp & Sword Chronicles”…

Cursed with a Blood-Rage by an unknown God, a warrior named Thaddeus travels the world in search of the one who can end his torment. But when strange and terrifying dreams call him back to his past where demons dwell and sorrow bleeds, what he finds may be the key to his salvation rather than his destruction.

A long time ago a dying child prince named Stephen played for Thaddeus on his harp, leaving a beautiful memory in his heart and soul that served to guide him through future heartbreak. Now, eight years later, Thaddeus finds that Prince Stephen is still alive, but may not be for long, as he is also a target of the Gods, charged with treason against the Aggregate and sentenced to die. Will Thaddeus find what he needs within himself to keep the Gods from killing yet another person he loves?

you can purchase the book Here at Dark Roast Press


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